“Today, online bookings represent almost 20% of our total appointments.”

Dr. Harvey Grahame, Smilepod Dentistry, London

Meet with the new generation of patients!

Online bookings, pro-active patient relationship management and more!
From Welltime, the dental industry’s leading online software company.

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The digital natives are waiting.

Today’s patients are more digitally savvy, better informed and more discerning than ever. To earn their trust and continued business, you need to engage with them and deliver content that matters, while providing the ease and convenience of online communications. In fact, for many of them, online and mobile media outlets are becoming the only acceptable means to organise their lives. And the number of digital natives keeps growing: By 2020, they will represent half of the British population.

Welltime is your partner when it comes to digitising your patient communications. Let us help you distinguish your practice, attract new patients, generate more income and improve your operational efficiency. More than 400 practices work with us already. When will you?

Patients enabled by Patient Connections
Appointments booked through Appointmentor outside of regular practice hours (Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm)
Appointments attended by patients communicating with their dental practice through Patient Connections
Friends and Family Tests (FFT) that we sent to patients in 2016.

Make your practice future-proof with our award-winning software.

From online appointments to patient education to fabulous Web promotions, we have a wealth of tools to help you grow your business!

Appointmentor on Smartphone

Attract new patients.

Appointmentor is our complete online booking and pre-payment solution for dental practices, feature-rich to suit the needs of the dental business and fully integrative with most Practice Management Systems.

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Patient Connections:
Generate more interest – and income!

Patient Connections is our comprehensive online CRM solution for dental practices. It’s the easiest way to give your patients what they want: educational articles, health tips, personalised promotions and more. Make them happy and get those precious ***** Google ratings that will drive new business straight to you!

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Dental Diary app:
Stay in control.

Keep your appointments to hand on your mobile devices, and view details with the swipe of a finger. How? With our Dental Diary app. Fully synced with your Practice Management System. Team / associate view also available.

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Those are just our main products, there are plenty more:

  • Powerful customisation options for booking processes.

  • Rapport Caller Pop-up: never miss a call again thanks to our proven system for phone appointments.

  • Self Check-in: avoid queues and capture all relevant data electronically with our patient self-check-in solution.

  • Referral Magic: enabling customers to refer their friends to you, with a simple swipe or mouse-click!

  • Patient Information Completer: makes sure that your patient records are always complete and up-to-date.

  • Easy Dental Referrals: our secure system to instantly refer patients to a specialist and referral centres.

  • Patient Profiling: allows you to identify and target specific market segments more effectively.

  • Advanced Satisfaction Analytics: indicates the level of satisfaction with your treatments and dental staff for different patient groups.

  • True North: our comprehensive Business Intelligence solution for your practice.

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There’s a widespread perception that dentists are booked up for months. However, our experience shows that across our 7 practices we often have last minute spots available, and thanks to the Appointmentor online booking system we can leverage these effectively.
Dr. Harvey Grahame, Smilepod Dentistry, London
We have used Patient Connections for over two years now, which is just great. It’s a very effective tool to get feedback from our patients, to see how we’re perceived by them. It’s also a great morale-booster – whenever we receive good feedback it can be easily shared with the team. Similarly, we can use it to learn if there is anything that’s lacking.
Welltime’s solutions work seamlessly in the background and were easy to integrate into our daily practice. We find the feedback questionnaires provided through Patient Connections to be particularly useful – our patients have responded especially well.