Fill Up Your Diaries, 24/7.

With Appointmentor, our complete online booking and pre-payment solution for your practice. Fully synced with your PMS.

As more and more patients use the Internet for anything from e-banking to travel arrangements, why not give them the option to book appointments with you online?

Patients will appreciate the ability to schedule things at their convenience – outside busy practice hours. To make things even easier for them, why not allow them to bundle treatments with your dentist and your hygienist? Or let them schedule appointments for the entire family in one go? Appointmentor has all the functionality to offer your patients ultimate convenience – which translates into happier patients, and more business for you.

Stay in control at all times

Amazingly, Appointmentor keeps you in full control of your online bookings: You set the patient schemes, types of treatment available, your availability and number of bookings allowed per patient – our system responds to these parameters just like your receptionist does. we can even perform a balance check for you to make sure that only those who pay their invoice can make a new appointment.

Do you require prepayment for certain or all of your treatments? No problem. Appointmentor supports the secure processing of credit card data thanks to our partnership with PayPal. More than that, it integrates with the clear majority of dental Practice Management Systems, thereby enabling a seamless processing of all relevant patient data.

Cut down on admin tasks

Automated data processing sensibly reduces paperwork, administrative work and the data entry errors that come along with manual data processing. You easily save several pounds on every appointment booking that’s made online as opposed to phone-based! Also, you motivate your staff to utilise their skills in more meaningful ways.

Fill your last-minute slots

Do you sometimes have patient slots that become available last minute? Appointmentor is the perfect solution to get these filled quickly. Simply make your availability known online or turn it into a practice promotion using our solution!

Personalise your welcome

As patients become more discerning, we suggest you make a real difference from the very beginning. For instance, by providing them with pertinent information tailored to their patient history and / or their upcoming treatment. Appointmentor can automate personalised messaging for you. Give them peace of mind effortlessly!

  • Attract new patients.
  • Customise your booking parameters.
  • Personalise your welcome!
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Making things easy for families: multiple bookings in one go!


Seamless, automated patient data processing:

  • Free up time for more important and pressing tasks.
  • Avoid manual data errors.
  • Motivate your staff.
  • Did you know?
    We interface with all major PMS – representing 92% of the UK market!


The Appointmentor user experience:

Your patients couldn’t ask for better treatment.

Continuous testing of our user interface ensures an optimal patient experience on all devices – laptops, iPhones, smartphones and tablets.


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