Dental Diary: The new APP for dentists

How do you, as a dentist, keep track of your next day’s appointments?

When you are in the practice you have your management software package all in front of you and you can easily see your appointments for you and your team colleagues. But what happens once you’ve stepped out of the practice? How do you know what appointments you have tomorrow? Or next Friday? Or in two months’ time?

Full control of your professional engagements

Dental Diary is a FREE app that connects with your practice management software wherever you go. It gives you complete control over the day’s appointments as well as your next day, week and month, no matter where you are and or time it is.

Team view

Our app enables a fully integrated view of all appointments across your dental team – using the same access and editing rights as your Practice Management System. This way, there’s really nothing to miss out on when you’re away from your practice.


Automatic Alerts

Our app connects with PatientConnections and Appointmentor: it informs you of any new appointments booked online through Appointmentor as well as any feedback left by patients through PatientConnections in real time.

Thanks to your mobile phone’s GPS, the app will also know whether you are in the practice or not. When you leave, the app will automatically notify you of any changes to your diary! Whilst in your practice, the reminder function will be muted.