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Patient Connections: the easy way to serve your patients with educational articles, health tips, personalised promotions and more.
And help yourself to better Google rankings. 

Some patients only attend their appointments out of a sense of necessity. Turning these patients into convinced customers who want to see you is a big challenge. Patient Connections provides the tools to tackle this problem. With our solution, you can accommodate your patients in ways they could only dream of. 

Your patient communications can take many forms: patient education, dental hygiene tips, product recommendations, FFTs, patient surveys, practice promotions… Patient Connections supports all of these and lets you reap the rewards in terms of happier patients, better FFT feedback and powerful online testimonials.

Patient education

How many of your patients have dental phobias? Demonstrate how much you care about their concerns, and educate them about your proposed treatments. They will have every reason to come and see you (again)! A rich library of educational articles from the British Dental Health Foundation is at your disposal.

Product recommendations

Patients’ increasing health consciousness opens a window for premium product sales. Our solution allows you to personalise your product recommendations based on your patients’ treatment plan.

Patient feedback

Patient Connections allows you to capture patient feedback (FFT test) systematically, without any effort. Simple evaluation statistics will help you interpret the results, while meeting the Care Quality Commission’s stringent compliance requirements.

Online reviews

Easily follow up on patient ratings and testimonials that you would like to see published on your website. With our solution, asking permission becomes a matter of a mouse-click. Approved testimonials will be directly streamed onto your practice website. These are likely to drive more patients your way as fresh, genuine content dramatically increases your relevancy for search engines.

Treatment plan follow-ups

Do some patients take a long time to respond to your treatment proposals? Don’t lose track! With our automated, customisable reminders you can show them that you care and accompany them competently all the way to their treatment decision.

  • The essential tool to enrich the patient journey, from the first appointment to your recurring business.
  • The most effective way to learn about your patients while meeting legal compliance requirements.
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patient education

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Compliant with the push of a button:
Keeping all patient feedback neat and tidy!


With Patient Connections, you can demonstrate your Care Quality Commission (CQC) compliance easily and stress-free:

  • All Friends & Family Test forms are automatically dispatched; this includes customisable reminders for non-respondents.

  • All responses received are collated, evaluated and presented in a visually intuitive way.
  • Evaluations are securely stored and available with a mouse-click.
  • Did you know that with Patient Connections, an average 28% of patients give feedback!?

The Patient Connections user experience:

Your patients couldn’t ask for better treatment.

Continuous testing of our user interface ensures an optimal patient experience – on laptops, iPhones, smartphones and tablets.


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