A little bit about us

We have a team of experienced professionals capable of delivering innovative and effective technical designs and solid code in a dependable and professional manner. Their unyielding commitment and hard work invariably guarantee quality of every product and service, which we offer.

The core competence of WELLTIME is design, development and implementation of IT Projects. We have developed and delivered different applications. Our applications have the capability to engage at any level of the Information Technology project lifecycle.

Mubbasher Khanzada

Founder & CEO

I have a background in Engineering and Computer Sciences, with keen interest in business. I set the direction of the company and what cool awesome fantastic solutions we are going to build for our customers.

Muhammad Rafik Gardee


With over 40 years career in the NHS in senior leadership roles, I provide the company with strategic direction and interfacing with key stake holders. I also ask the difficult questions and keep reminding the technical guys that rest of the world does not necessarily understand their gibbrish, things need to be plain and simple!

Meet Our Team

Dr Mahfooz Jawed

Head of Operations

PhD in Economics, having worked previously with Dawnay Day Group (London) and Algosaibi Group (Middle East), Dr Jawed brings 18 years of finance and project management experience to drive profitable growth across the entire Welltime business.

Arslan Qamar

Mr. 'Problems Fix It' Guy

I develop and maintain the core platforms for the company. I also fix teething IT problems generally considered unfixable by others.

Nauman Khan

Mr. 'Design Anything' Guy

I develop softwares and solutions. I also develop and maintain websites for company and our customers.  If you can think of a design, I can make it and deliver it.

Ali Raza

Mr. 'Come up with a Solution' Guy

I develop software and mobile applications. I am good in adopting lastest cutting edge solutions and using them to deliver robust applications for customers.

Meet Our Board

Jackie Stewart

'Focus on the Business'

I keep the team focused on the business. Its simple- Sell things for a profit.



'Focus on growth'

I keep the planets in alignment (customer sales & operations).

Robert Fletcher

'Focus on the Market'

I help with the marketing and branding. Its simple- Provide a consistent message to the market, build a strong brand.

Dr. Jameel Gardee

Head of Professional Advisory Board

I am a dentist. I guide the company from professionals’ point of view.

Chris Barrow

'Focus on the Customer'

I am a coach. I keep all these energetic techie types focused on requirements of the customers. Its simple- delight the customer, give them what they want.

David Kaye

Da Cool Lawyer

Well, I keep them all out of jail!


Our Specialization

Software Development


Network Technologies


Web Design


Business Intelligence


Business Process Re-Engineering


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