TrueNorth Business Intelligence Solution

TrueNorth Business Intelligence solution provides fantastic solution for businesses to find out how they are doing. It is an intelligent, flexible system to help know the key performance indicators of the business. It is automated, works well with the practice management softwares; it provides dashboards and reporting that result in significant insights about the practice business and can provide key trends and patterns that will benefit practice business growth.

Use TrueNorth Business Intelligence solution to find answers to key questions like:

– What has been the YTD (Year To Date) and MTD (Month To Date) income for the practice?
– How are you doing against industry bench marks? Against your own targets?
– Where is most of your money being spent?
– What is the percentage of direct cost to your income?
– How much refunds are being issued in the practice? By who? What is the trend?

– Who are the top earners for the practice?
– What is the chair occupancy ratio for each of the individual clinicians? What is it for the overall practice?
– What is the Holiday ratio for each clinician?

Marketing Efficiency:
– How many new patients are registered each month? What is the break down by Private vs. NHS, and categorized for each Clinician?
– What are the main sources of referrals (e.g. Google, Newspaper ads/leaflets, Word of Mouth etc)? Is your marketing budget being spent effectively and bringing results?

And much more…

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TrueNorth Business Intelligence system, providing business insights, trends and patterns, improving business operational knowlege, flexible reports