InfoPort Self Check-in



The Problem: Receptions desks in dental practices are busy places. Receptionists have to deal with multitude of things, answer calls, attend to patients queries, manage appointment requests, process payments and more. At busy times, patients end up queuing at the reception desk just to inform the practice team about their arrival. The small spaces, sense of overcrowding, stressed receptionists, these elements do not contribute to positive patient experience.


Solution: Self Check-in Platform- InfoPort

InfoPort self check-in platform enables your reception desk to manage patients more effectively. For patients who need to simply check-in, it is an ideal solution as it guides them through a simple and easy process to indicate their gender & date of birth, then guides them to take a seat in the waiting room while updating the practice management system about the patient’s arrival. It can handle multiple waiting rooms, multiple appointments and comes in a number of languages for multi-ethnic patient population.

Patients can still see the receptionist if they want to, and dentists can personally welcome patients to retain that personal touch, InfoPort self check-in adds additional pathway for patient journey for those who want an efficient and simple way to check-in.

  • Improves patient experience.
  • Frees up reception staff time.
  • Welcomes patients in multiple languages.


Patient Journey: What do your patients see?

Patients can see a touch screen PC conveniently placed on reception desk or a nearby wall (self check-in application operations from a small self-contained light-weight and space efficient touch screen All-in-One PC, usually 20”-23” screen size).


Self Check-in supports multiple languages. Patient can select a desired language easily from any screen.

InfoPort Self Check-in asks patients their Month and Date of birth, it then checks for upcoming appointments matching these details in the practice management system and confirms the check-in.




InfoPort Self Check-in works with Carestream Dental (CSD) R4 and CSD Hosted R4 solutions. We are in the process of adding other systems also.

Yes, you can select different waiting rooms, for example downstairs and upstairs, or waiting room 1 and waiting room 2 etc. The system will guide patient to take a seat in the appropriate waiting room based on where their appointment is taking place.

The patient check-in process is automatically completed with InfoPort Self Check-in, your practice management system is updated and the patient status shows as checked-in from the receptionist view. Receptionist screen also gets a notifications pop ups on the screen.

No, patients cannot see any other patient details, or any information about the appointment books. Patients are only shown simple screens with input of gender, month / date of birth. System checks if anyone with these details are due arrive for an appointment. If a match is found, the patient is checked-in. If no match is found, patient is requested to report to the reception desk.

If there are multiple patients due to arrive for appointments during one day with same gender and month / date of birth, the system refers them to the reception desk.

Self Check-in is fully secured through industry standard encryption and security. When patients use it through the touch screen, they are asked to confirm their month and date of birth. It does not show patient name, address, or treatment information on the screen. It shows time of appointment and the clinician they are going to see; and simply provides instructions to take a seat in the waiting room.